Thursday, April 2, 2015

Four weeks until countdown

In less than 28 days, I will be on the road again. Procrastination is over. I have finally decided to walk from St. Jean Pied de Port in France across the Pyrenees and then westward across the top of Spain. Will see what happens.

I am having some problems with the knees. Definitely some degeneration of the cartilage from practicing shiatsu therapy on a mat for so many years.  Five years ago it was the left one. This time it is the right. There are some that would say that a problem on the left side is a problem with the feminine. So, now it's a problem with the masculine. I obviously can't win.  I'll take that with a good pinch of salt - the non sodium variety.

Meanwhile at the gym I am working on strengthening the medial quads and stripping the iliotibial band along the sides of the legs with a cylindrical foam roller. Hopefully that will help.

Last time I walked, I had problems with shin splints. This can occur if the legs are overworked. I would classify walking between 25 and 35 kilometers every day for a whole month as 'overwork'. So in preparation I am now doing strengthening exercises for the feet, ankles, calves and hips, as these all support the shins.


  1. Don't forget to drink lots of water - joints need lubrication!

  2. For me personally I am encountering a lot less of the common runner's injuries even though doing marathons. I strengthen some regions through powerlift and crossfit training. For more insight visit my blog :)