Monday, April 26, 2010

The calm before the storm

Just 24 hours until I fly down to Biarritz in the south of France for the start of my camino. Actually, I am aware that my camino started long before. I have always been on a camino.

Everyone seems intent on giving me advice on what to do based on their own life experience. Take this with you or don't take this with you. That is too heavy. You don't need that. The truth is that I do need this at this moment in time.

The problem continues - I still have knee pain. In little more than a day I will be faced by the challenge of the Pyrenees mountains. Would I wish to be embarking on this journey at some other time? No, this is what I need to be doing now.

My flight to London this past Wednesday was, for me, more or less on schedule. There was loud applause as the plane touched down at Heathrow reuniting volcano stranded passengers with their homeland. I have not seriously practiced for my one month walk. I have spent time with England based family enjoying their company and the art galleries of London and Oxford. The weather has been gloriously Spring like with flowers in full bloom.


  1. Hope things go well for you, Tim! I'm enjoying the blog so far and I'm looking forward to checking in regularly.

  2. Hey Timmy, You are lookin good from here buddy. Thinking about you on this most courageous journey. One for the Gipper Old Boy!