Monday, May 11, 2015

A day in Burgos

I am pleased not to be walking today and can wander the streets of this city, visit the Gothic cathedral and  relax. Meanwhile, I watch as the walking wounded arrive from outside the city gates. Both young and old - fit and flabby. Discomfort attaches to most of them. That was me five years ago with bad shin splints. It was like an advertisement for Voltaren. I am still ecstatically happy that my body is holding up so well and that I don't even have a blister. Why is that? Partly, it can be explained by my determination to set my own pace on this journey. I am also paying attention to the most appropriate stretches for the muscles. Strengthening of the back muscles of the lower legs and also attention to hip flexors has left me in good form. Can others learn from me? Only if they ask. Otherwise, the advice falls on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, I am staying an extra day in Burgos to rest. I am not in a hurry to reach Santiago de Compostela just as long as I am there in time for my plane back to London on June 4th. That is my only deadline and I think I have ample time to complete my journey. Refugios on the Camino allow only for a stay of one day unless there are serious medical reasons for not doing so. Therefore, I am staying the extra day at a hotel.

With Irishman, Alan sharing a beer and tapas

View from my hotel from just outside the City walls

Wait till I hold my stomach in!

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