Thursday, May 28, 2015

O´Cebreiro and onwards to Triacastela, Sarria and to Portomarin

There is less than 100 kilometres to Santiago and the end of this Camino. I have loved getting lost in time: I have no idea what day it is unless I check my iPhone. Time is not important and really neither is one's destination. It´s about the journey and setting one foot in front of the next and walking. That is the central activity of the day. Get up early in the morning and walk. I love stopping for my Cafe Solo and love stopping for meals. I have also loved sharing experiences with people along the way.

Several nights ago in Vega de Valcarce, I decided to pay for a hotel rather than stay in a Refugio in shared accommodation. It is nice to have that for a change. The hotel was 28 Euros which seemed a rather good price. However, you really do get what you pay for. The electrical light switch in my room was taped over and I felt obliged to check for bedbugs before settling in.  The bathroom was down the hallway and seemed to have no hot water in the men´s facilities and only scalding hot water for the women.One could hear the squeals of pain coming from each place.

The hotel manager closely resembled Pancho Villas and had several important teeth missing. He asked me to join him in a game of Poker in which I have neither skills or interest. In any case, I suspect that he would easily outdraw me in a gun fight.

As you know, I tend to dwell on the positives of any experience: the Camino is a spiritual experience and I suppose therefore that one is lucky to have a towel in the washroom that clearly resembled the "Shroud of Turin" and might even have been the misplaced original.

Tomorrow on to Palas de Rei and only 68 kilometres to Santiago de Compostela.

Walled herb garden of the Refugio at Rabanal

Another piece of Santiago tart for anyone?

Approaching La Cruz de Ferro

Sophie, Alan and me at Ponferrada

Villafranca del Bierzo

Shiatsu therapy clinic in San Xulian near Palas de Rei

Brothers Andy and Mike from London

Gunnar, Aly and Matt

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