Thursday, May 21, 2015

Leon to Hospital de Orbigo

I decided to stay another night in a hotel in Leon and use that time for relaxation and visits to restaurants. I have loved having a hotel room to myself. Now the problem is getting motivated to walk again.

Another view from my hotel room

streets of Leon

Cathedral of Leon

By architect Antoni Gaudi

Today´s walk has been just under thirty kilometers. I am at the end of the flat land of the Meseta and in the next couple of days will be moving on to the second range of mountains of this Camino. I have enjoyed the experience of forever looking towards the horizon. It has not been easy and I have lost all track of time. It has been an exercise in taking one step at a time and trying not wishing to be somewhere else. It can be attractive just longing to be at my destination for the night with the comforts of a shower, a meal and a bed. That would detract from the experience of enjoying the present moment.

The weather is slightly on the cold side which is good for walking. I still have no major aches and pains and for that I am grateful. Have walked 31.6 kilometers today.

I have discovered that I like best walking on my own and that to walk with others will only lead to injuries. If I lengthen my stride to keep up, I may end up with shin splints. My rhythm for walking is an inseparable part of who I am.

Arriving in Hospital de Orbigo

With Sophie

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