Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes and another four days to Leon

 I discovered an alternative route to Carrion de Los Condes that does not parallel the road. It passes through some grassland and often offers shade beside the path. Either way, I am carrying enough water to stay hydrated.

through wooded areas en route to Carrion de Los Condes  
Irrigation systems introduced into Spain by the Moors

Sophie and Alan

In Carrion de las Condes, I am staying at a Refugio run by Augustinian nuns. One of them is probably about twenty-eight and has a singing voice that borders on the angelic, along with great proficiency on keyboards and guitar. We are asked as a group by the sisters why we are walking the Camino. At my turn, I explain that this is my second Camino - the first was to celebrate 60 and this present journey to celebrate 65. I further elaborate that the Camino has allowed me to appreciate the gifts in my life and that the gift for today was to hear the voice of this sister. She blushes but she is clearly blessed with a gift. I can understand how one can fall in love with a voice, even if it does belong to a nun.

The next four days of the Camino are crossing the entirely flat land with very few places in which to stop for food and water. There is something magic in being able to look into the far distance with very little to break the continuity and bring contrast. It´s an appreciation of the vastness of the universe. At the same time, I am feeling overwhelmed by tiredness. It´s extreme - no pain in the joints, no blisters, just fatigue. I could just lie down and rest forever. One of the Augustinian sisters had said that there may come a time when we feel that we cannot go on. Just a recognition of this has given me the strength to continue.

Terradillos de Los Templarios (26.8 km), Bercianos del Real Camino (23.5 km) Mansilla de las Mulas (26.7 km) and 18.1 km today to Leon all on flatland and the fatigue is biting. I appreciate that there has been a slight cooling in temperature so the journey has not been as extreme as it would be in the height of the summer.

follow the yellow arrows

Traffic jam on the Camino

More Refugio accommodation

He was travelling with his donkey from Bilbao to Santiago and then back home: 1120 kilometers

Paella for dinner tonight

Charcuterie at a Refugio

Walls of the town of Mansilla de las Mulas

View from my hotel room in Leon

One step at a time for the past four days has been the only way to get to my destination.This last day of travel I have decided to reward myself by booking a luxury hotel in which to stay in Leon. Looking forward to a room of my own has made this last day of comparatively easy travel more difficult. The anticipation perhaps leaves me less in the present moment.

Arrival at the hotel was superbly gratifying, and my first act was to pour a hot bath. Within ten minutes, I am asleep in the tub.

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  1. Hope you are rejuvenated by your day in the hotel - quite a picture in my head - you asleep in the tub!
    Try taking it a bit easier - but I suppose you have a plane to catch!