Monday, May 4, 2015

Pamplona for the day

I will spend an extra day in Pamplona so that I can get more of a feel for the place and to let my muscles relax after several days of exertion. I had arrived on the May-Day holiday and there is an exciting vibrancy to the town. The restaurants are full and the streets seem to be overflowing to capacity. I also want to catch up on this blog. I can walk around and visit the cathedral, which is but 400 yards from my Refugio accommodation. It´s a seminary now turned into accommodation for people on this Camino. The following day the streets seem no less overflowing. I sense that it does not take any specific holiday to be cause for celebrating life. That´s the way it should be. Europeans, in general, seem better at celebrating on a daily basis. This is a lesson to take this back into our own lives. Celebrate as if this is our last day.

Streets of Pamplona

Practicing self-restraint - posing outside a pastry shop but not sampling

Late afternoon, I decide to walk on and in three hours manage the steep ascent to the small community of Zariquiegui. I had been asked several days before by a 24-year old Irish woman whether I felt lonely walking on my own. This may be difficult for some young people to understand: I love both being on my own and also love walking with others. Walking alone provides an opportunity to look inwards and walking with others provides an  opportunity to share experiences.

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