Saturday, May 2, 2015


I am recovering somewhat from the rigours of crossing the Pyrenees. A meal of mixed salad with baked fish and a pastry for dessert along with a plentiful supply of red wine has restored my sense of sanity. My last visit to Roncesvalles five year ago was a similar experience: Descending  kilometer after kilometer into the valley below, being overtaken by others of seemingly greater stamina, I was in a state of extreme pessimism that I could keep up the pace required to reach Santiago in a month of walking. There´s a mass of people here, keeping very much to themselves, who it seems are physically and emotionally stronger. No real support here. Perhaps after a night´s sleep I´ll have mustered my own inner resources and be ready to continue my journey. Actually, a thought that crosses my mind as I drift into sleep:  everyone else around me is shocked into silence and I have mistakenly interpreted this as unfriendliness. I know that I should be stretching in order to combat the inevitable muscular stiffness I will feel, but I don´t feel like doing anything. Sleep can bring me some repair. Meanwhile, the views over the Pyrenees have been stunningly beautiful. The rest will be easier..........won´t it?
The descent

Ramparts of the monastery in Roncesvalles

Actually, it´s quite charming

Don´t remind me

In an internet cafe in Pamplona trying to download photos. Internet cafes are dying because everyone has computers at home. Couple that with a total lack of interest on the part of an employee makes me reluctantly agree with Vancouver businessman, Jim Patterson: "He who is not fired with enthusiasm should be fired with enthusiasm." Therefore, photos will be downloaded sometime soon.

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