Friday, May 28, 2010

Arrived in Santiago de Compostela

Finally arrived in Santiago on schedule. The cathedral is fantastic. There is the midday daily pilgrim mass presided on by the archbishop. He speaks several languages. I did not realise that at one point he was speaking English. Fortunately, I was able to understand his Spanish sufficiently well. He was talking about the difference between a pilgrim and a fugitive - a little different than the usual sermon. The party trick at this service is the swinging of a massive incense thurible, reaching a threatening arc of over 180 degrees. After surviving an 800 kilometre pilgrimage, this was the most scary event during my whole trip.

I have two days before departure for England. During this time, I will no doubt start the processing of my camino. This will also be an opportunity to relax and get used to not walking extreme distances. Will I be able to manage the absence of walking? I am, of course planning some gastronomic adventures.

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  1. way to go Timoteo you mad bugger!! glad you undertook this adventure and let us in on all of it, and didn't meet your undertaker on the way. take a hug Donato