Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On Friday night had to stay in a hotel in Najera, as the refugio was full. It is quite pleasant to have one´s own room for a change rather than having to live in somewhat cramped space sleeping literally bed to bed with strangers, even if they are pilgrims.

Walked alone on Saturday from Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada (23 k)and then again on Sunday to Belorado (another 23 k)Anyway, I have rather bad shin splints in the left leg, so, physically I am hurting.

Took the bus for 30 k to Burgos. Great city.


  1. Hi Tim thanks for your notes Doug asked me how to post a comment I'm not sure how I've done this before here without success Warrington seems to be able to do it oh well guess I'll have to wait til you get back to give you a hug love donato

  2. Tim, I'm enjoying your trip with you, including reflection and introspection. Great food descriptions, continue to live the trip step by step and sip by sip of the great Spanish wine ... preferably not carried on you back for days. Thank you and know that you are also making this trip for many others and you are not alone.
    Love Averill and all at MOSI