Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Pilgrim V. Sunday Pilgrim

Note the differences between the two types of pilgrims: You might notice the pressed pants, cell phone on left hip, global positioning system on right hip, crisp new equipment just out of the package, matching backpacks, other fashion accessories. May also be wearing ipod headphones in order to block out the sound of nature or any possibility of personal insight, introspection or personal reflection. To be said in their favour, Sunday pilgrims may smell slightly more fragrant.

With the real pilgrim, note the muscled, weather-beaten, relaxed look despite the heavy soiled backpack. Real pilgrim accepts the here and now without complaint.


  1. What a cop-out. You didn't mention your bed-roll. But what about your fancy camera to take photos to post to your blog along the way!

  2. I can imagine you putting on your shabby? back pack for a stroll around the beaches just out of nostalgia way to go Tim I enjoy your posts don't want them to end maybe you should just keep going they're a good meal... love Donato