Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday in Leon

Have decided to take the day off on my journey and stay in Leon. I have checked into a hotel in order to have some lone time and access to my own shower. It will be nice not being in a dormitory in cramped quarters.

I have enjoyed walking around the walled city, stopping off for tapas and a class of tinto, whenever the mood takes me and just enjoying being here. The weather has cooperated. I noticed a strange golden orb in the sky, emitting something that felt like warmth. This is almost the first time in two weeks.

I stayed last night in a Benedictine convent (photo taken from the convent is incuded in this blog) Did not even get the strap! Actually, I really enjoyed the nuns and have understood their Spanish. Went to their evening vespers service, partly out of a sense of nostalgia for things of the past, but also for a more complete immersion into the camino experience. Isabel has suggested that perhaps the camino may lead me back to a greater reconnection with my catholicism. We shall see.

Before taking the bus to Leon, I bumped into Erica, who I had not seen for 5 days. She had travelled ahead of Isabel and Sonia, who are about two days behind her. I really enjoyed meeting up with her and experiencing her emotional reaction. I felt at this moment a real connection with her. I send her my love and wishes for a great camino.

Tomorrow, I plan to get up at sunrise and continue my camino with a 30 kilometre walk to Hospital de Orbigo. I am feeling up to the challenge. I feel the need to pick up the pace.

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