Monday, May 17, 2010

Hospital de Orbigo

I reached my destination today but miscalculated the distance. I travelled 36 kilometres all before 4.p.m. and feel in good shape. I have some degree of pain but maybe this is part of the course.

The weather has finally turned warm and for the firt time I am able to wear shorts.

I really enjoyed my stay in the hotel in Leon on Sunday, although the bathtub was very small. I never knew I could contract myself into such a small space. I spent the evening going from one tapas bar into the next. I will supply more photos once I have the opportunity. My computer today does not allow this capability.

I travelled today with someone from Korea who has just arrived from his homeland. I think he was counting on me for guidance on the beginning of his camino. This sort of a distance may be a little much for his first day. Time will tell. In describing his involvement with meditation back home, his teachers continually asked him the question, "who are you?" I still do not feel that I can answer this. Not sure after my walk today whether I am a peregrino, a pelegrino, a pelecino or a penguino. Actually, now that it has turned warm, I am probably not the latter.

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  1. your belly says "penguino" Tim all that good food and wine is making me jealous. I like walking too so that part also gives me a certain longing Nice to travel with you at home or abroad Your writing is just great!! Concerning the Mountain If you can see it you will be comforted If you sleep by it you will be safe as a nestling bird If you climb it you will be free as Eagle if you cross over you will be reborn in a new land love Donato